Independent Bible Church exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered community, gospel centered service, and gospel-centered multiplication.

OUR VISION:  To glorify God in all things and delight in Him.

OUR MISSION:  To make disciples by:

  • KNOWING God intimately
  • SERVING one another intentionally
  • ENGAGING the world eagerly

Our Vision - Glorifying God in all things by delighting in Him

Our vision defines what we are becoming: disciples of Jesus whose ultimate aim is to glorify God in every aspect of our lives (1 Corinthians 10:31). The implicate prerequisite for pursuing this goal is by experiencing radical transformation through the gospel of Jesus (and this is the will of God, your sanctification). 

And though the litmus test for genuine transformation can be observed in multiple ways (obedience to Christ’s commands (John 14), love for God and one another, one of the clearest evidences is our genuine delight in God and His ways. 

As James K. A. Smith expresses in the title of his book, “You are what you love.” In other words, that which you delight in (the affections of one’s heart) determines what you are becoming.

Our Mission, defined.

To make disciple-making disciples by knowing God intimately, serving one another intentionally, and engaging the world eagerly.

Our mission defines what we are called to do. Specifically, it establishes our divine mandate, given by Jesus, Himself, to make disciples that in turn are equipped to make other disciples, and so on. And the way in which we seek to fulfill our divine mission is three-fold (understood in directional terms: UP, IN, and OUT). UP refers to our vertical relationship with God. IN refers to our intentional pursuit of one another (our local church family). OUT refers to our evangelistic efforts by gossiping the gospel in every context of life. It is worth noting that the order of these “means” matter. In other words, only from a healthy relationship with God can I effectively and intentionally serve Christ’s Church. And only through a lifestyle of intentionally serving others am I equipped and empowered to gossip the gospel to other people in other places. 


On April 23, 1888, a group of eight people concerned for the spiritual needs  of Port Angeles organized the town's first church. For over 100 years now we have been growing a fellowship of Christians seeking to worship God, to grow in fellowship and discipleship and to share good news with people of all ages in our beautiful town and around the world.