church membership?  what's it all about?

Our membership covenant comes from our love for the church body and the individual members who compose that body.  Our desire is for them to experience the fullness of joy which is found in the presence of the Lord.  The primary purpose of this covenant is to clarify Biblical obligations and expectations for both the Elders and the individual members of IBC.  

We consider membership important.  You are invited to attend a series of IBC Explored classes where the process begins!  

ibc explored

IBC relies on members to support our ministries within the community and around the world. It's a high calling that takes diligence, yet it is most rewarding. If you desire to make a deeper commitment to IBC, we encourage you to become a member.

The IBC Explored series of classes is typically offered two to three time a year, during the Sunday School hour.  If you have questions about IBC or you'd like to become a member, this class is for you!

If you would like to be placed on our registry for interest, please let us know, here!