Tom Lotz

Associate pastor

Born and raised on the Amazon River in Brazil, the son of missionaries, God graciously gave me a rich heritage. Upon completion of high school, I attended Bible School in Wisconsin, then college in Seattle (Seattle Pacific University), where I met my wonderful wife, Sue. We began attending IBC in the mid-1980’s. We were sent out by God and by our IBC church family to serve as missionaries in Brazil and Missouri for twenty years (1994-2015). I have served as Associate Pastor at IBC since 2015. My main responsibilities are Missions, Children’s Ministry, and Life Groups. Sue and I have a daughter who is currently a teacher “on mission” in Memphis, TN. I am passionate to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel, especially to all generations through children and youth. A favorite verse is Romans 12: 1 where we are beseeched to “offer our bodies as a living sacrifice.” I have found that when one, indeed, offers him-/herself to God as a “living sacrifice,” God takes us up on our offer and off we go on the greatest adventure we could ever know. And this is what I call the “Holy Ghost Train Ride.” What a privilege it is to be a part of helping others to get on the Train!